Friday, April 29, 2011

Donate to UA SLIS

***NOTICE 5/2/11***
We have been requested by Dr. Aversa at SLIS (via Dr. Bonnici) to remove this donation link due to some legal/policy issues for SLIS. Please see below for Dr. Aversa's email concerning the UA SLIS fund. Contributers: check your email for a message from me, and be sure to let me know your preference for handling the funds we collected. Many thanks again to all who donated!

Dear Autumn, Brandee, and folks,

I am deeply touched by the efforts that you and your colleagues are making to contribute to SLIS faculty, staff and students who have been affected by the tornado of 4/27/2011.  The generosity of SLIS constituents is awesome, to say the very least.

I am concerned, however, because SLIS as a unit within the University of Alabama can neither accept nor distribute gift funds without an established University fund account and distribution mechanism. We have neither of these and the process of establishing them is something for which we must engage the development officer of our college and others as well.  Also, the funds you are collecting may not be written off the donors' taxes, and most contributors will want to donate to tax deductable fund accounts.

Therefore, in the interest of donors and potential recipients, I suggest that you follow the suggestions that I made in an earlier e-mail.  Here is what the University told us:

"UA encourages those who wish to help to donate blood at any American Red Cross location and designate it for Tuscaloosa. This is one of the most important actions we can take to help those affected in the Tuscaloosa area.

The UA Acts of Kindness Fund has been established to support an emergency-assistance program for UA employees and students. Anyone who is interested in contributing to the UA Acts of Kindness Fund may donate online here:"  Another suggestion is that folks contribute to the United Way at

As for the work you and your colleagues have already done, perhaps your group might agree to contribute the funds you have raised to UA Acts of Kindness; I know that if SLIS people are in need they will be served by this both fairly and efficiently. It will also relieve your group of administering the project.

I hope that you all can work with this suggestion.  I apologize for not getting back to you immediately but I'm sure you understand that for some of us in hard-hit areas our communications have been intermittent at best and nonexistent at worst.

Please know that all of us are profoundly moved by your efforts and your generosity with your time, your talent, and your money.  It means so much to every one of us who are working through the aftermath of 4/27/2011.

With best regards and many thanks,
Elizabeth Aversa
Professor & Director
School of Library & Information Studies
The University of Alabama

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Please use the "Donate" button on this page to contribute funds directly to SLIS faculty, staff, and students who suffered losses and damage in the recent storm.

This money will be used to purchase supplies and/or provide financial support. Right now, funds are being collected in my personal Paypal account (we set it up this way to expedite collection), but as time/electricity/internet access allows, hopefully someone at UA can get a centralized SLIS account going by next week. All funds collected before that point will be transferred to the new account.

Update 4/29 10 p.m. CST: Dr. Bonnici and Dr. Naidoo advise that we wait to hear from Dr. Aversa next week before taking money/supplies, due to the state of the roads in and around Tuscaloosa. We'll continue to collect funds and, depending on Dr. Aversa's request, probably just transfer all monies directly to SLIS. Your donations will go straight to our SLIS folks who have a lot of rebuilding ahead of them.

All donations will be recorded on this spreadsheet. When you donate, I will email you with a donor ID so you can see your contribution listed. 

Thanks all!

Autumn Faulkner
5th Dimension DE Cohort
Troy, Alabama
Email me!


  1. $510 raised so far! Thanks everyone for your generosity.

  2. Wonderful idea. I just spoke with Jennifer Mustain / 3-D Cohort in Brewton, AL and she and her library are collecting funds / donations and shipping every day via FedX to the Methodist church mentioned in an earlier SLIS posting. They are concentrating on water, first aid supplies, soap, Gatorade, toiletpaper, etc.

  3. $885 raised so far! Thanks for the input ruthology :)

  4. Hi all: didn't see an e-mail for anyone so I'm posting a comment. I have some women's clothes that are destined for a shelter here but would be happy to ship them to someone in need from SLIS. Send me an email (julia-skinner at uiowa dot edu) if that's something that would be helpful!

  5. This was a wonderful idea. I hope you get lots of donations. I wish I could have given more.

  6. can a non-SLISer donate??